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The opportunity to live, study or work in another country is an invaluable experience. Being an intern in London will provide you with a new cultural perspective that cannot be gained in the classroom. This internship is a practical learning opportunity that will supplement your course of study and future career plans.

London is one of Europe's largest and most exciting cities. Not only is it the United Kingdom's seat of government and finance, its rich history and arts are world-renowned. With this in mind London the perfect setting for a priceless work experience.


As an Intern you will spend your session working within your sponsor company in an administrative capacity. A work experience abroad will provide you with vital groundwork for your intended career path. Experience in the global workplace will prepare you for the demands of a professional life as well as afford you the opportunity to gain the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Whichever internship you choose, you will meet and work with people from different walks of life and in turn gain a wider perspective of the world in general and from a business point of view. Through the program you will begin to build a stronger resume, learn about life and work in a different culture and venture outside the normal study abroad environment. Most importantly you will learn how to conduct yourself amongst professionals and begin to think past your academic training while putting years of study to practical use. All of which are valuable experiences that will stay with you and aid in your personal development forever.

During the session you will work 4-5 days per week. If you are on an academic semester during the internship we can arrange your work around your academic schedule at 2-3 days per week. We have worked out several program and fee options to suit your personal needs (see Fees below).

You can choose from the following programs:

London Parliamentary Internship

As an Intern you will spend your session working within the office of a Member of Parliament within the House of Commons in London. You will have clerical responsibilities but will also become a full member of staff and will be involved in projects and everyday work and will gain firsthand experience within the field.

You will learn the inner-workings of Parliament and how the British Government Works. You will learn Parliamentary Procedure, how to deal with Constituent Concerns versus Domestic and International government issues. Most importantly you will learn how to conduct yourself amongst government officials and begin to think past your academic training while putting years of study to practical use.

London Media & Arts Internship

As a Media Assistant you will spend your session working with a sponsor company in the industry of your choice. These include: Television, Film, Journalism, Photography, Theater, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Music, Fashion and Graphic Design to name a few. Some positions will be office-based, while others will be production-based, both affording you firsthand experience of the industry.

London General Internship

This internship includes positions within fields such as Computer Science, Law, Business & Management, Finance, Sports Administration, Hospitality/Tourism, Human Resources and Education to name a few

Please do not hesitate to inquire about an area that you would be interested in if it is not listed on our website.

*Please note this is an un-paid work experience. In some cases companies will pay your travel expenses while in London or will provide lunch. This is not an obligation of the sponsor company so you need to be prepared for all expenses while on the job.


You will receive an Intern Handbook before your departure from the United States . This Handbook will help prepare you for the internship and life in London in several ways. Topics covered include travel, safety, health and internship details. Some programs will also receive a full Orientation upon arrival.

Upon your arrival in London you will settle into your accommodation and meet the other program participants. Throughout the internship period you will be treated as an adult and will not be constantly watched over by our staff. This is an opportunity for you to make the most of your time in London while gaining valuable work experience.


Schafer House

Interns will have the option of the type of housing they would prefer. Interns may select their own housing or can live in Global-Eyes housing. Interns choosing to arrange their own accommodation will be responsible for all aspects of housing. Housing is not included in the program fee.

Summer Housing : Flat, Residence Hall, Host Family, Hostel, Student House

Spring and Fall Housing : Flat, Student House, Host Family and Hostel. Some Residence Halls are available in the Spring and Fall, but not many due to school still being in session. When possible we will try to book a residence hall upon request.

*Prices can vary for flats and residence halls if booking during holidays, summer or other specified dates

Visit our London housing section


Day trips can be arranged for an additional fee. Past trips have included Bath , Stonehenge , Oxford , Leeds Castle and Windsor.


Not everyone on the Global-Eyes Internship will require credit. The amount of credit you receive is to be decided by your University Registrar. Should you wish to receive credits for participation on this program you must solicit your University Registrar's office to do so. Documentation in support of your petition for credit will be provided by Global-Eyes should you require it.



Insurance is provided for all program participants for travel to and from their home to country to the United Kingdom .

Program participants are covered while they are in the United Kingdom but are NOT covered should they travel outside the United Kingdom for vacations and other trips.


Housing is NOT INCLUDED in the program fee. You may choose your own accommodation or you may choose to book housing through Global-Eyes.


•  University Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and graduates (within last 5-7 years). (Approximately 18-27 years old)

•  High School Students Please inquire within

•  All Majors accepted.

•  Students wishing to participate must have strong academic records, the ability to acclimate to a new culture, maturity and the capacity to work in a professional/governmental environment.


Download Internship Application (.doc)

Application packs must include the following :

•  Global-Eyes Application (must include Resume, Personal Statement, & Good standing letter)

•  Application fee of $50.00 (non-refundable)

•  2 Passport Size photos


Contact US for application materials or any questions you may have regarding our programs.