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“As a result of being exposed to Conservative Party policies on a daily basis, I have learned to keep an open mind about things and appreciate the different. I absolutely love it here and I am so happy that I came on this internship. I have many more trips planned for the near future and will be sure to keep you posted!”
-Nancy Son, Parliamentary Intern

“My internship is going really well. Helen Clark is an impressive woman. I've been fortunate enough to do several press releases. I have also seen that a couple papers have used my releases. It's incredibly rewarding to see one's efforts acknowledged in such a way. It makes me feel like I am doing something important. I am not ready to go home. I like it here and am enjoying the program so much and I am having an amazing time. The people that I have met within the program and through Parliament are great.”
- Kate Watkins , Parliamentary Intern

“ The truth is that I almost enjoyed those two weeks more than when Camy is around, not because I don't enjoy her company, but because for those two weeks I felt the added responsibility on my shoulders give me a slightly heightened sense of self importance. I enjoyed feeling more useful around the office, as it is my introductory phase into the "post college-campus-protected life"; it was important to feel the taste of employment.”
- Kate Upshur , Box TV (received a permanent job with Box TV)

“ Aldi went with one of my designs for the Christmas print/ad campaign. Cool. Look forward to a very pink Christmas. It wasn't the one that we all like in the office, but it is still pretty neat to see your work printed on a massive nation-wide scale.”
-Sarah Biersack, Carney-Richardson Advertising

“ I have learned a lot in the past weeks, both about the media, about life in London and Britain , and about myself. This entire trip is a learning process for me and that in itself is a very important thing for me.”
-Ashley Wiggin, HaytersTeamwork

“I think the speaker sessions were a key part of the program. It was an opportunity to learn about politics and the UK on a whole”

“I had a great experience. I am so pleased with the internship, the time I spent with Evan and the things I learned inside and outside the office. I have a great experience for my resume as well as contacts in the office and England ”
-Rachele Gilman-Spivey, Parliamentary Intern

“All the mind interaction between my politics class, books and the internship is what makes this job so valuable. I'm definitely coming away with a better idea of how theory turns into actual application. An invaluable experience.”
-Kaiya Wadell, Parliamentary Intern

“As I have said before, owning my own record company has been a desire of mine ever since I became interested in music. Now more then ever do I feel like I can accomplish that goal sometime in my life. It has been wonderful working in a music environment and being surrounded by music lovers and creators; the perfect atmosphere for inspiration. After my Global-Eyes internship I feel fluent in the language of the music business, and even though I did experience any of the financial aspects I still feel competent and capable to perform, any tasks and requests asked of me by my coworkers.”
-Dan Yost, Exceptional Records

“I know I am beginning to change as a person too. I am definitely becoming more self-reliant. I feel comfortable traveling around on my own, and I believe I am doing pretty well at my job. I am still nervous about graduating and going into the real world, but this experience has allowed me to test the waters, and I realize that being in the real world is not so bad after all and, more importantly, that I can adapt to this lifestyle with ease.”
-Cariad Dillon, Breakthru Films

Journal excerpt from a Parliamentary Intern

“I also wanted to tell you that I have been having such a wonderful experience with the MP that I am working for, Tony Cunningham. His assistant, Jonathan Todd has given me plenty of tasks of research and constituency matters to keep me busy. He's also had me do some things for the other MP that he works for, Sion (Sean) Simon. I really like that he keeps me so busy though. Tony has been absolutely fantastic to work with. The first day, he gave me the "grand tour" of Parliament. I even got the chance to sit in on a session of both the Commons and the Lords. Then I got to see the Commons church, and stand on the floor of the House of Commons (where Tony Blair stands! :)). I was able to go to both the Terrace and the Lords Bar for some political- chatting company (which I loved! :)). Tony took me to the roof of Parliament where I stood very close to Big Ben to listen to it ring. To say the least, it was a very good first day. Then the second day, Tony asked Jonathan and I if we could attend a reception held by the Taiwanese ambassador. I couldn't believe that I was given such an opportunity. Jonathan and I had a great time eating some authentic Taiwanese food and drinking wine with good company. In fact, I didn't realize until about 20 minutes into our conversation that I was having a delightful chat with the ambassador's wife! (very nice lady)

Needless to say, I've been very happy with the way things are going for me thus far. I've learned so much already about the "behind the scenes" work in politics and the British political process. Jonathan and Tony have been so generous in letting me attend questions to various Ministers when Tony is speaking. Jonathan got me tickets to see Prime Minister's Questions on the 9th of June, so that is definitely something that I'm very much looking forward to attending. Alright, I won't babble on any longer, just wanted to update you on how I'm doing with the internship thus far. I also wanted to extend my gratitude and thanks to you for this opportunity. I think it's absolutely awesome, and very commendable, that you took the experience that you had and developed this program. I have been very pleased with Global-Eyes and look forward to the events that are planned in the upcoming couple of months.

Thanks for all of your hard work in ensuring an enjoyable internship experience!”


Journal Excerpt from a Parliamentary Intern

“In the last few weeks my job has got a lot more rewarding I was lucky enough to attend a debate on financing terrorism.  I then was to write a report on what I learned.  This was such an interesting debate it also geared me up for what I should be expecting when I go to Northern Ireland .  This has been my favorite thing that I have done so far, the reason being there is a lot I didn't know about terrorism or how prevalent it is in Northern Ireland nor did I know how much money was required to run an terrorist organization.
I also am working on writing a report on constitutional reforms in the
United Kingdom . This was a much more difficult task than I originally thought it was, the purpose being is I don't completely understand the system right now so it is doing double research; first how the system is now and second how it is going to be changed.

I really am enjoying working with Jeffrey, I was able to meet a few of his constituent and I didn't understand how important and famous he was in Northern Ireland .  I also learned a little about how things in Northern Ireland worked.

I really enjoyed my trip to Northern Ireland . I think that I'm very lucky
to live the life that I have lived and that I take my safety for granted.  I
learned so much about the situation in Northern Ireland and the "troubles".  I think that it is a very complicated situation because so many lives are affected.  It is easy to rationalize hearing reports of people dying when they are nameless and you don't know who they were, but after my visit I realize that some form of terrorism has touched almost every person in Northern Ireland .  Every person that I met has had at least one person killed because of the troubles.  I think that this complicates the situation even more.  Peace is hard to have when so many lives have been forever affected.

As for my life in London I didn't realise how much I have adapted and
really loved living here until my friend from home and her family were in London .  They were talking about all the differences between the United States and Europe and it took me a few minutes to understand what they were talking about.  They were saying how they didn't like the tube, and my only thought was that I couldn't imagine my life with out it!

Over all I have had a wonderful experience here in London , I'm planning to travel a little more once Margaret takes her trips and I think that will add to the experience.”