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Internships for your Academic Program in London

Global-Eyes Student Programs would like to provide your school or academic semester abroad with a new component. We have found that internships add value to a semester abroad program in many ways. It's an excellent avenue for your students to gain insight into a new way of life and will also enhance your program overall. We believe that adding an internship to your program will make it more appealing to individual students searching through the numerous programs now available. We are also happy to locate positions for programs that already offer an internship component. The fee schedule for these services is set out below.

The idea behind an internship is to make a connection: Learn about the lives, opinions, values and behavior of local citizens on a daily basis and joining with fellow students in an exchange of views on academics and the “real” world. Professional experience outside the classroom is an invaluable opportunity and one that can only benefit your students.

In addition to their academic schedule, interns will ‘work' 2 -3 days per week with a sponsor company. However, we at Global-Eyes realize how difficult and time consuming it would be for students or academic advisors to find positions and make these types of connections. Global-Eyes is offering placements for your students whereby easing any stress to students wishing to do more than academic study during their semester.

What Global-Eyes Offers

Over the years Global-Eyes has made contacts in several different countries around the world. These contacts could be very beneficial to your students during their time in abroad while completing their semester program. Most recently we have offered Parliamentary and Media & Arts internships for independent students traveling to London wishing only to participate in an internship abroad program. A new component was added to the Spring and Summer ‘04 semesters in which we conducted a pilot program with Eckerd College from St. Petersburg Florida adding internships to their study program in London. This program proved highly successful and we will again be providing their students with internships in the coming semesters.

We now offer internships in London , Dublin , Edinburgh , Oxford , Cambridge , Australia , New Zealand , Canada and various cities and towns upon request in the United States . We aim to locate positions in cities/towns based on your student's specific requirements. We are also able to arrange positions in other non-English speaking countries as long as your students are able to show the ability to converse fluently in a language other than English.

Our service is beneficial to the students in that they will be able to begin their internship immediately upon arrival abroad. We offer options in several fields of interest and are available to assist them in making their choice. In reality, most companies and organizations generally do not give high priority to correspondence received from students. The contacts that Global Eyes has established can be invaluable in finding the right placement for the interested student. All of the companies and organizations we work with have had a successful association with Global-Eyes in the past and are looking forward to continuing this relationship.


Interns are asked to submit a resume, personal statement and photos to begin the application process. If they are applying for the London Parliamentary Intern ship in London a security questionnaire is provided. We also ask that all candidates write a brief letter to Global-Eyes describing the type of position they would like during their semester. Once this information is compiled we will canvas our contacts and work to find the best fit possible for your student. If there is more than one offer for an intern the intern will choose which position they would like.

Global-Eyes Student Programs goal is to provide you with placement choices for your students. We can either accept specific requests from individual students or provide options from our database of available internship positions.


Global-Eyes will also arrange an Orientation program for your students upon arrival to your host country or city. This Orientation will not only help prepare them for their professional working future but also their time in a foreign country, as well as dealing within a new culture in general. The Orientation will consist of interactive games and “ice breakers” relating to culture and society as well as general travel and internship tips.

Items Included Are:
Handbook covering the program, health, safety, life in London etc. Expectations and Fears
Culture Shock (During and After)
Preparing for Travel
How Not to Annoy your Boss
America v. The World
Team Building Exercises

You may also book the Orientation session only for your academic semester students which is a two-three hour session and includes all materials provided at Orientation.

What is required of the Intern ?

Interns are required to do the following throughout the semester:

Approach their internship and sponsor company with a competent, responsible and serious attitude towards their job.

Complete journals throughout the semester keeping track of the following:

•  Learning and knowledge acquired relative to political/business practice and/or culture and life.

•  New skills/competencies acquired

•  Indication of major areas where intern feels she/he has either changed attitudes and/or viewpoints or is developing personal skills (i.e. self reliance)

•  What were the high points and low points at work this week?

•  What did I learn about the practice of politics or business in the UK?

•  What did I learn about life in the UK and London ?

•  What did I learn in my weekly seminar/speaking engagement?

•  Have I learned anything about myself?

•  What will I do differently in the future?

•  London Interns: Attend speaking engagements and visits when scheduled. We enlist the services of many interesting speakers in various forums. This enhances the students' internship experience by exposing them to other professional sectors. Speakers in the past have been from the BBC, Channel 5 News, Members of Parliament with visits to the London Mayor's Office and Tower of London Changing of the Key Ceremony to name a few.

•  Interns will also be evaluated by their Supervisor at the end of their internship.


Overall we believe that the various placements we arrange help students gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of contemporary life in another country or simply within a professional setting in your area. Becoming colleagues with people in various fields is an invaluable education in itself. The connections that can be made on many levels during this type of program are extremely beneficial and serve to enhance academic course work. These experiences will last a lifetime.

We make every effort to consider a student's specific request and to find the internship that will fit their requirements as closely as possible. We also offer innovative ideas to the student that is open to any new adventure.

We would appreciate the chance to work with the students from your school. We feel Global-Eyes can offer a unique opportunity for motivated students and add a new dimension to their time abroad. Please see our testimonials page to hear what past interns have to say about Global-Eyes Internships.