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The opportunity to live, study or work in a sponsor company, perhaps in another city or country, is an invaluable experience. Being an intern will provide you with a new cultural a professional perspective that cannot be gained in the classroom. This internship is a practical learning opportunity that will supplement your course of study and future career plans.


What we are offering is simple. With our vast network of connections, in many fields of industry, we are able to arrange an internship placement for you in the city or town of your choice. This is your next step to a great college application, life experience or first step towards your future career. An internship is an invaluable way of gaining firsthand professional knowledge if the field of your choice. An internship will enable you to move out of the classroom and into the working world to help you decide the career that is right for you. It's a taster session before you make lifelong commitments.

Placements in a Main City

We will make the placement for you and be the link between you and your sponsor company. This is a highly independent program and you will be left to work with your sponsor company with minimal supervision from Global-Eyes. The city you intern in will be your choice and we will endeavor to our greatest abilities to find a placement in that city for you. We offer internships in the following countries:

•  Canada

•  Australia

•  New Zealand

•  Ireland

•  Scotland

If you require an internship in another country please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Placements in a Local or Small Town

We are also able to offer placements in smaller local hometowns near you. If you do not wish to travel to a new city and are simply seeking a position closer to home we will be able to help as well.

* Please note that this is not a program. This is an independent placement only. You may be the only intern in a city or at a sponsor company. When possible will be make contact between interns that are in the same areas.


As an Intern you will spend your session working within your sponsor company as an assistant. You will have clerical responsibilities but will also become a full member of staff and will be involved in projects and everyday work and will gain firsthand experience in the field of your choice.

During all sessions you will work 2-3 days per week if you are also on an academic semester or 4-5 days per week if you are not on an academic semester. We will arrange your work schedule around your academic schedule. You could be responsible for writing reports, researching and writing subject briefs, correspondence, general office administration and project work depending on your position.

Positions can sometimes be demanding and deadline driven and other times slow and repetitive. Interns must be willing to work in both environments to the best of their ability.

You will learn the inner-workings of your sponsor company and how the industry in general works. Most importantly you will learn how to conduct yourself amongst professionals and begin to think past your academic training while putting years of study to practical use.

You will receive an Intern Handbook before your internship begins. This Handbook will help prepare you for the internship and life in a new city in several ways. Topics covered include travel, safety, health and internship details. Throughout the internship period you will be treated as an adult and will not be constantly watched over by our staff. This is an opportunity for you to make the most of your time in a new city , make new friends while gaining valuable work experience.

*Please note this is an un-paid work experience


Housing is not included in the program fee and must be found independently if you are moving to a new city for your internship.

In some cases, sponsor companies will be able to offer you housing with an employee for a limited cost but this is not always guaranteed.

If you accept a position as an intern you are responsible for locating and making payment for your housing and all other living responsibilities. If there is more than more participant in one city, we will be sure to make contact between you so that you can look into living with one another.


Not everyone on the Global-Eyes Internship receives credit. Should you wish to receive credit, the amount of credit you receive is to be decided by your University Registrar. Should you wish to receive credits for participation on this program you must solicit your University Registrar's office to do so. Documentation in support of your petition for credit will be provided by Global-Eyes should you require it.

If you require credit you will be responsible to hand in edited excerpts of a work/personal journal three times throughout your session. Your journal along with a final review submitted by your sponsor will determine your final grade for the internship should you require one.


Insurance is not provided for program participants for travel to and from their home to their internship city or during their internship. This is a placement service only. All participants must have personal insurance coverage to participate.

What's included : Internship Placement


Housing is NOT INCLUDED in the program fee.
If your company is able to offer housing we will negotiate a fee on your behalf.

*Please also note that we will do our best to accommodate your requests as closely as possible. In some instances we may have to vary your location or industry to suit the positions that are on offer


•  Should you wish to apply to the program it is your sole responsibility to obtain the necessary visa for entry to your country of choice. The program will maintain its cancellation policy should we accept you and make a placement for you if your visa is denied. The program will not be held accountable for any costs incurred on your behalf (airfare, housing, etc) should your visa be denied. Some interns have contacted CIEE to obtain their visas

•  If you are not a native English speaker you must possess a high level of written and verbal English and must be able to provide documentation to support your ability. If you choose a country where English is not the first language, you must prove a high level of competency in the language spoken in the country you have chosen.

•  Available to High School Students, University Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and graduates (within last 7 years). (Approximately 14-30 years old)

•  All Majors accepted.

•  Those wishing to participate must have strong academic records, the ability to acclimate to a new culture, maturity and the capacity to work in a professional/governmental environment with minimal supervision.


Download Internship Application

Applications must include the following:
•  Global-Eyes Application with Resume & Statement
•  Resume and Statement must be sent via email as well
•  Application fee of $50.00 (non-refundable)
•  2 Passport size photos


Contact US for application materials or any questions you may have regarding our programs.